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Engineering & Design

We offer every customer a comprehensive consultation that yields a customized solution. Our consultations include a thorough review of your site location, financial goals and business objectives. Using our combined experience and expertise in solar PV technology and data analysis, we assess system potential, risks and performance capabilities.

Our consultation includes an evaluation of all pertinent factors, including:

  • Location
  • Roof
  • Ground
  • Parking
  • Consumption analysis
  • Interconnection procedures

Once we've defined these key components, we create a customized system that aligns with your specific needs and objectives. Every customer receives a personalized design, including a project rendering of your facility.


Solential has developed its own energy-driven investment banking platform to provide its customers a streamlined system to assist them in efficiently procuring the numerous financial incentives available to solar project owners.  This includes monetization of the solar investment tax credit and all of the capital components of this type of investment.  Solential's expertise in providing investors with full analytical, engineering, and development analysis delivers a complete turn-key financial roadmap.

Financial Vehicles

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • Equipment Leases
  • Guaranteed Savings Contract

Financial Analysis

Upon completion of your customized design, the next major component when investing in solar PV relates to the financial assessment. Solential will run a comprehensive financial analysis which will provide you with the following attributes:

  • Costs of implementation
  • Return on investment
  • Depreciation benefits
  • Energy cost savings
  • Cash flow analysis

Project Management

We view project management as a critical factor for every system in order to realize a successful deployment. Solential will oversee your entire project from conception to completion ensuring that the project is commissioned on time, within budget and to your satisfaction.


Create detailed project plan in coordination with the customer and contractors
Coordinating logistics and staging product deliveries
Apply and obtain any required permits


Progress tracking
Schedule regular progress meetings
Managing and coordinating all responsible parties
Ensuring operation is in compliance with all state and local safety requirements


Ensure all work has been completed in accordance with all state and local building and electrical codes
Test all equipment
Work with local utility to ensure proper interconnection and participation in other applicable programs
Customer training

Operation & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance are significant components of managing solar energy facilities and are discussed during the pre-construction phase and implemented after construction to ensure the long-term viability of your solar investment.

Preventative Action

  • Ground Maintenance
    • Mowing and Spraying of Weeds
    • Visual inspection of Array Area (Fence-lines, Roof Conditions, Drains)
    • Visual inspection of all required signs to ensure system is up to code


  • Annual and Semi-Annual Site Evaluations
    • Inspections of Inverters, Modules, Racking, Panel Boxes, and Wiring
    • Perform Breaker Safety Test to verify functionality
    • Inverter Diagnostic Test
    • Check that all panels are tightened to manufacturers torque specifications
    • Generate Inspection report for Customer

Live Monitoring

Our services span the entire project lifecycle, going above and beyond the construction and into the operational functionality of your system. We offer our asset management platform, SolView, that our Network Operations Center team has developed as a "Software as a Service" (SaaS) tool for real-time performance monitoring. SolView is a customizable multi-level user interface (via browser or App) that ensures the optimal uptime performance of your system by monitoring your real-time and historical data (energy, power, environment, and weather) in reports, graphs, alarms, and fault isolation tools.