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Let's look at a Case Study

Sometimes the best way to convey a complex solution is to look at an example.


Solution: Solar PV Ground Mount
Est. Energy Savings: $75,000 annually
Cost: Zero Capital Needed
Size: 1.03 MW
Est. Annual Production: 1,359,292 kWh

Faced with rising energy costs, Antwerp Local Schools turned to Solential Energy for help lowering their overall energy costs. Through comprehensive financial and energy analysis Solential Energy was able to engineer a solar solution to best fit Antwerp School’s energy needs. With Zero Capital needed from the school, Solential designed & installed the 1.03 MW solar array which is projected to save the school district $1.5 million over the next 20 years.


Operations and Maintenance

To ensure the performance of the solar array over the next 20 years, Solential implemented their cloud based live monitoring system called Solview. Solview gives Antwerp an in-depth look into their systems production and monitors the arrays performance at the click of a button. This software has been integrated into a STEM learning opportunity to educate the students of Antwerp Local Schools about the future of renewable energy.

Superintendent Dr. Martin Miller of Antwerp Schools had this to say.

“Solential Energy has provided a great experience in our schools pursuit of lowering energy costs. Solential has proven to be energy experts and it was easy choice for our district to pick them as our solar developer.”



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