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Let's look at a Case Study

Sometimes the best way to convey a complex solution is to look at an example.

Commercial Business Owner

Location: Indianapolis, IN
Solution: Solar PV Roof Mount
Est. Energy Savings: $25,000 annually
Size: 255.3 KW
Est. Annual Production: 309,702 kWh

A commercial business owner in Indianapolis, IN was tired of his extremely high energy bills. After doing some research he reached out to Solential for their expertise.


After analyzing the utility bills from the business, Solential was able to identify that this customer was paying way too much for his energy and that he was an ideal candidate for Solar. With no green-space available to put the solar array we found that the roof was the best place to mount this specific solar solution.



Additionally, we found that this customer qualified for a very generous Solar Program which helped multiply his annual savings. We were able to generate energy by utilizing unused roof space which resulted in an estimated annual savings of $25,0000 to the customer.





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